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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your referral based system?

When you refer a friend to join in on any of our session, we will thank you for this by offering a discounted one-to-one session OR attend a free class (after your friend has attended a session).

Do you offer concession cards?

Yes yes yes we do! At this time, concession cards can only be used for one type of service provided and are not interchangeable with other services. For example, if you buy 10 sessions upfront for Mum & Bubs - these can only be used for Mum & Bubs classes. Pricing will be discounted; we currently offer 5 or 10 concessions.

What if I can't make it to the session on time?

We try our very best to accommodate to everyone's needs but we ask that you respect our time and let us know if you will be late (we don't like cutting your sessions short!). This will allow us to contact our next clients if there are any delays.

What if I have to cancel within 24 hours of the session?

As our time is valuable, we enforce a 24 hr-cancellation policy or no-show policy for each session booked. Life can be trying and spring up things unexpectedly - we know! Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you know you need to cancel and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Are children allowed to come to sessions?

Absolutely! We understand that it can be difficult arranging a sitter or co-ordinating who is going to take care of the kids. There is space to let you watch over your young ones. There is no age limit either! 

Do you offer a free first time trial?

As a small business, we are trying our best to keep everything running and currently do not have the capacity to offer free services. However, we have a referral based system.

How can I make payment?

Collective Care accepts cash and bank transfer. Jess will send you bank account details prior to your session. 

What happens to my personal information?

Collective Care will not sell or disclose your personal information or details to any third party without the clients consent unless for the purposes required by laws, investigations or legal proceedings.

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