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At Collective Care Jess offers a kind, caring community environment focused on supporting each other to learn how we can best support our bodies, so we can all give our best to everything we love! We understand the unique needs of the human body. We respect your personal values and autonomy! We emphasize showing compassion for one another as you access the support you need.

Please see below for a list of our offerings along with the Summer Class Timetable. If you would like to know more or find out which offering would suit you best, please do not hesitate to contact Jess via e-mail at , Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise, you can click below to book online. 

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Barre, Strength and Core & Cardio can be paid as a concession of 5 or 10 sessions or casually. Alternatively, we have school term block of classes that are available - e-mail to find out more.


Barre Classes     ..........   $28 per session (casual) / $115 for 5 concessions; $220 for 10 concessions

All other classes     ..........   $25 per session (casual) / $100 for 5 concessions; $200 for 10 concessions

- Tuesday 11am (10 weeks)  Early Bird $205, Normal $222

- Wednesday 10:15am (10 weeks) Early Bird $205, Normal $222

- Friday 9:45am (9 weeks) Early Bird $190, Normal S200

* Early Bird Ends - 24th April 2024

Concession of 5 will expire 6 weeks from date of purchase. 

Concession of 10 will expire 12 weeks from date of purchase. 

Any cancellations within 24 hours of the session will incur the full session fee. Thank you for your understanding.


At Collective Care, we value service accessibility. Please get in touch with Jess to discuss payment plans and personalized financial arrangements. Or make someone else’s day by gifting a session to someone you know, or offer a random act of kindness to another person in the Collective Care community – Reach out to Jess at


Inspired from a fusion of ballet and Pilates, this is a fun class that will bring our your inner grace & build your confidence, improve and challenge your strength, mobility and balance. 


A class focusing on strengthening your core & improving your fitness in a way that supports and nourishes your body. 
Suitable for ALL (including those with previous exercise foundations or those looking to integrate more intensity into their every day) & great for all mummas.

1:1 Training Support

With a focus on the female body, 1:1 training support wraps around your unique needs and your unique body.  Jess support you to access the insight for safe nourishing movement, rehabilitation or refreshing training insights with your intentions in mind. Our caring approach means you find fast and effective guidance on how to best care for your physical body in a way that feels supportive. 1:1 Training Support Sessions offer nourishing exploration into movement that feels good in your body. 
This session can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes. 


Move in a considered way that supports and nourishes your body. This class is suitable for those who are seeking to maintain or improve their mobility and easeful range of motion. It’s also perfect for those looking to incorporate gentle movement into their daily lifestyle. 

Introductory Support Consultation

Postpartum or Wellbeing Guidance
By means of welcoming you to the Collective Care community, there is up-front support to hear your values and intentions for movement and well-being. We take care to ensure you have the best information to consider your body when approaching movement at Collective Care. Before commencing any classes or training support sessions this nurturing initial support consult will set you up for best practices and deep consideration for your feminine form to ensure your safety and well-being.

Small Group PT session

We all love company and working out with a friend or two - makes it even more exciting! Similar to the one-to-one session, if you and your mates are working towards an event or have a similar goal - this is the option for you! 
This session will still be tailored towards you but with the added bonus of having a mate!


STRENGTH is a functional low to medium intensity 45 minute class focusing on using bodyweight and resistance/strength equipment to improve technique, improve muscular strength & endurance, improve bone density & reduce risk of injury & falls and improve mood.

Post-Partum Compassionate Care

Birth Trauma Support
With trauma informed training in birth story witnessing, this is a 1.5 to 2 hour session to allow yourself to be heard, understood and supported after your birth experience. To speak freely in this space allows you to avoid considering anyone else so what needs to unravel and unpack can be heard with care. This compassionate experience baths you in a sense of feeling witnessed, so you can acknowledge the pieces significant for you and move forward with appreciation and acceptance for your unique birth experience.  
This is a safe space for you to be held in regardless of time.  You will also receive a list of personalised tools
* This session can take place in the comfort of your own home and in-person, if desired. A small transport fee may apply and will be discussed with you prior *

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Women's Support Life Coaching Client

" I had never been to a coaching session before for anything, but I’ve been diving into self-discovery for a few years now and love learning as much as possible about myself. Jess welcomed me into her space with so much acceptance and compassion, she held a beautiful space for me every time we connected and coached me without any judgement and with a wonderful vibrancy.

I felt very accepted and nurtured by her, and I look forward to seeing where this coaching journey takes her. She has so much to offer all individuals, with a lot of passion for life and for her own self-discovery too, she listens with an open heart and coaches with you always in priority.

Thank you Jess for opening my own eyes up to triggers and emotions that lie within that I was unaware of."

- Alayna

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